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BRITISH TIME grounds on the teaching system of the Oxford University. According to this system, English is formed of five basic levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Each level, in general English, is completed in 100 hours.

Both visual and audio-lingual equipments (vcd – dvd, computer), befitting to contemporary education, and also different additional materials are used at BRITISH TIME. Apart from standard lesson schedule, learners are provided with free speaking, grammar and cinema clubs and study hours.

We use computer as an indispensable material of our teaching program. Our computer laboratory is supported with limitless internet and favourable for the learners of our corporation to make use of their free time. Improving your four basic skills (speaking- listening-reading-writing) forms the main objective in English language teaching and accordingly at BRITISH TIME.

The classes have maximum 16 learners. Course at 1st and 2nd levels that mainly base on grammar is taught by Turkish teachers. At 3rd, 4th and 5th levels the schedule is equally shared between Turkish and foreign teachers.

The success follow-up of the learners is done with check up tests after every two units; additional lessons and activities are arranged to correct the deficiencies that are determined following the exams. Besides, to test the mass success a semi-final exam in the middle and a final exam are applied at the end of each level.



Learners become entitled to get the certificate that is equal to their level when they have finished their education process. Moreover, if they like, all the learners have the right to take MEB (Ministry of Education) exams and get a certificate approved by MEB.


Vocational high school and trade school students have low percentage of going to universities compared to other high schools. Our aim is to help them to take their place in business life.


British Time prepared special programmes for the vocational high school and trade school students to get them ready in business life.

We provide service buses to our students, free of charge, in order to transport them safely.

In addition, we extended the course time to 9 months by reducing the programme, which was 5 months and twice a week, to 1 day long to make the programme more efficient and to prevent them from having future problems at school.

After 2 months basic education, students can join the activities which are very useful for their improvement as long as they attend the classes by themselves. All the students have the right to get a certificate according to their levels at the end of the course.

Our aim is to provide the best education at the best price.

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Constantly following the status of success is important for saving time that is why examinations are often done during the teaching process and in case of a possible failure, the student is guided with alternative solutions related to the reasons for failure.

First of all, the student takes part in make-up programmes. If the problem still continues despite our efforts, the student immediately starts from the beginning of the level he is attending again free of charge and thus, the student’s time, which may end in failure, is saved.



As a result of following a student’s progress, if the student takes part in make-up programmes, if he/she does his/her homework on time, yet he/she is still unsuccessful and if his/her absence rate for the lessons does not exceed 10 %, the student can repeat the level he/she is attending free of charge.

The right guide and the teacher are highly important in foreign language teaching. Everyone knows how great the contribution of a teacher to a successful learning-teaching atmosphere who is self-developed and chose teaching as a job.

All staff, Turkish and foreign teachers, are formed from experienced professionals with pedagogical formation and related certificates.

Course at 1st and 2nd levels that mainly base on grammar is taught by Turkish teachers. At 3rd, 4th and 5th levels the schedule is equally shared between Turkish and foreign teachers.

Exhilarating a lesson and improving the efficiency of it directly depends on choosing the right book and the documents. Being aware of this, BRITISH TIME uses “New Headway” series, published by the Oxford University Press, in addition, grammar books and photocopied study packs which are prepared parallel to the lessons are used throughout the teaching period.